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Responsive Websites

A responsive website will respond to the size of the screen being used, and be usable on a mobile phone, desktop or TV.

Web News

The web is constantly changing, and these changes can reflect on how your website performs and how successful it will be. Keep an eye out for issues that can affect your website's performance.

clearFusion News

So what is going on at clearFusion? What websites have we built lately? What projects have we been involved in? Find out what activities we have been invoved in lately.

Who We Are & What We Do

Hello there! We are Paul and Cindy, two web industry veterans with decades of combined experience. We have been involved in the world of web development since the 1990's, and let us tell you, that is a lot of years under our belts. Paul is a software developer extraordinaire while Cindy takes on the role of digital director with ease. Between the two of us, we have all your website needs covered.

Before the Covid-19 lockdowns hit, we were busy developing numerous websites for our clients. However, like many others, we unfortunately lost quite a few clients during this difficult time. But instead of dwelling on it, we chose to adapt and help our remaining clients stay afloat by providing personalized web consultancy services. And you know what? We found that we absolutely loved working closely with our smaller clients and helping them succeed.

During this time, we also had a chance to reflect on our passions outside of work. Both of us share a love for travelling and have plenty of experience in the tourism industry. So we put two and two together and decided to combine our expertise with our interests. As a result, we have shifted our focus towards small businesses and the tourism industry.

Unleash your Potential

Responsive Website Design

Mobile Friendly

All our websites are responsive by default. 

User Friendly

Our software & design provide good user experience.

SEO Friendly

We provide the mechanics to optimise your website for search engines.

Social Media Friendly

We make sharing on social media easy & attractive.

Upgrade, Improve & Dominate

  Cost Effective

  • Most affordable option for your business
  • App development can be very expensive
  • Website redesign cheaper than an app redesign

  Driving Website Traffic

  • Critical in helping grow website traffic
  • Apps can't be indexed by search engines
  • Simplify SEO with one powerful URL

  Usability & Compatability

  • Will scale down gracefully to mobile devices
  • No need to download apps for use on mobiles
  • Clickable phone numbers & locations

While we may have toned down from our larger-scale projects, we are now able to fully devote ourselves to each client and provide top-notch services tailored to their unique needs. So if you're in need of web development or digital guidance for your small business or tourism venture, look no further because Paul and Cindy are here to help! Let us use our authoritative yet friendly tone to guide you towards success in the digital world.

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