Easy to Build Websites

Our clearFusionCMS content management system enables us or you to build websites and powerful online applications. clearFusionCMS is a great platform for beginners and the more advanced.  clearFusionCMS is unique because it was built on its own PHP framework fusionLib.


Responsive [Mobile-Friendly]
Based on Googles 'material design' & built to be responsive

Choose a CSS Framework
We support Bootstrap, Foundation or try our fusionCSS framework.

Content Management
Easy to use document architecture, navigation & archiving

Images and Multimedia
Comes with built-in image and multimedia uploading support

Drag & Drop Editor
An easy-to-use editor with layout & formatting examples

User-Friendly Management
The backend (manager) layout is streamlined and intuitive

Host With Us or Choose Your Own
Our stand-alone platform makes moving easy.

Search Engine Optimised
Each page's meta can be custom optimised for search engines

Add-On Modules
A variety of modules are available to fully utilise your system

Optimised for Social Media
Easy-to-edit OG Data & Twitter Cards


  • clearFusion SHOP Screenshots -  Drag & Drop Editor Drag & Drop Editor
  • clearFusion Blog  -  Create a Blog Create a Blog
  • clearFusionCMS Screenshots - Dashboard CMS Dashboard

Responsive CMS

Whether it's the front end of your website, or the backend management section, our CMS perfoms great on mobile devices.


clearFusionCMS has been built with the user in mind. The user who visits your website, and you the website owner.

More Features

Beef up your website's capabilities by adding one of our great modules. Take your website from static to dynamic.

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