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Our Custom Built Content Management System

We didn't just create software we wanted, we created what clients needed. We consulted with clients, search engine & social media professionals to give you a product you can work with & grow. Our development team also tested our software on various software & devices, to make sure it worked. Accessibility & usability are also very high priorities of ours when developing software. Combined we provided you with software that will fit most of your web requirements.

clearFusionCMS is a content management system (CMS) built on top of our own PHP / MySQL framework, fusionLib, providing a highly optimized solution for content management. fusionLib and therefore clearFusionCMS loads only what it needs as it needs it, this gives a very small footprint and optimal performance. clearFusionCMS development is also not limited by development teams that we can’t control, we control all the code and therefore the direction of the CMS.

Our Software FEATURES

Responsive [Mobile-Friendly]
Based on Googles 'material design' & built to be responsive

Choose a CSS Framework
We support Bootstrap, Foundation or try our fusionCSS framework.

Content Management
Easy to use document architecture, navigation & archiving

Images and Multimedia
Comes with built-in image and multimedia uploading support

Drag & Drop Editor
An easy-to-use editor with layout & formatting examples

User-Friendly Management
The backend (manager) layout is streamlined and intuitive

Host With Us or Choose Your Own
Our stand-alone platform makes moving easy.

Search Engine Optimised
Each page's meta can be custom optimised for search engines

Add-On Modules
A variety of modules are available to fully utilise your system

Optimised for Social Media
Easy-to-edit OG Data & Twitter Cards

clearFusionCMS is a modular based system, which means that you can customise it to suit your personal or company's requirements. Manage and update the pages of your site quickly and easily.


  • clearFusionCMS Screenshot - Dashboard
    clearFusionCMS Dashboard
  • clearFusionSHOP Screenshot - Dashboard
    clearFusionSHOP Dashboard
  • clearFusion Real Estate Module Screenshot  -  Dashboard
    Real Estate Module Dashboard
  • clearFusion Blog Screenshot  - Create a Page
  • clearFusionCMS Gallery Screenshot  -  Add Image  to Album
  • clearFusionCMS News Module Screenshot  -  Post News
    News Module
  • clearFusionCMS Twitter Feed Screenshot  -  Add a Twitter Feed
    Twitter Feeds
  • clearFusionCMS OG Data & Twitter Cards Screenshot  -  Create OG Data & Twitter Cards per page
    OG Data & Twitter Cards

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