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clearFusionCMS V2.0.0

clearFusionCMS V2.0.0

clearFusionCMS V2.0.0 released along with clearFusionSHOP V2.0.0, bringing with it support for microdata and CloudFlare CDN
New Theme Engine for clearFusionCMS

New Theme Engine for clearFusionCMS

A new theme system for the clearFusionCMS 1.5.0 release, which will allow site builders to download a theme zip file and use the elements contained within it which should simplify the initial site build.
Is it Time to Ditch your CMS for clearFusionCMS?

Time to Ditch your CMS for clearFusionCMS?

Have you been advised to ditch your CMS in favour of one that someone has a fanboi crush on? After reading an article on reasons why you would want to ditch your CMS, I looked at how the article mapped onto our clearFusionCMS and clearFusionSHOP.

Want quality? Want clearFusion CMS!

Have you tried our new content management system? You should! Without blowing our trumpet too much, we have one GREAT CMS that makes building and growing websites easy!
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