clearFusionCMS V2.0.0

clearFusionCMS V2.0.0

10 Jan 2015

We are starting the new year with a new release of both clearFusionCMS and clearFusionSHOP, this brings a host of improvements for both users and developers.

Three key improvements across clearFusionCMS and it's modules are the support for multiple CSS frameworks, support for CloudFlare CDN and a new drag and drop editor.

Developers will be delighted to find out that out of the box clearFusionCMS is now aware of fusionCSS 2, Bootstrap 3 and Foundation 5 CSS frameworks, allowing you to build sites for your clients using the framework that you are most comfortable with.

End users with high traffic websites will gain from the support for CloudFlare Content Distribution Network, right from within the manager you can purge the cache of individual files from their network. clearFusionCMS is also smart enough to purge assets from CloudFlare for you so that there's no waiting for caches to expire, performance without pain. This new functionality compliments the recent updates to our web hosting platform allowing one click install of CloudFlare on all hosting packages.

We now include a new editor in clearFusionCMS Pro which allows you to drag layouts into the edit area, now anyone can create expertly formatted pages, need three column block of text or an image with text next to it, just drag the appropriate layouts to the editor and start typing.

Rich content editing in clearFusionCMS

Your clients will love the freedom this gives them without the need to learn HTML, CSS or a CSS framework no matter where they are writing content, pages, store products or blogs.

New Features in clearFusionCMS V2.0.0

  • Internal changes to allow for the support of CloudFlare CDN and partial cache flushes. When using CloudFlare CDN clearFusionCMS can now purge individual resources from the CDN as well as perfoming a full cache clear
  • Upgrades to the WYSIWYG editor
  • New content builder editor to allow drag and drop building of complex content layouts
  • Support for fusionCSS 2, Bootstrap 3 and Foundation 5 CSS frameworks
  • Inclusion of a LESS processor, now you can write LESS and let clearFusionCMS convert it to CSS
  • Improved tree widget reflecting the state of documents better
  • Improved manager navigation
  • Improvements to caching
  • Support for uploadable templates
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements

New Features in clearFusionSHOP V2.0.0

  • Ability to duplicate product attributes
  • One click creation of all possible product variations
  • Ability to exclude products from site search
  • Generation of meta data to support rich pins
  • Generation of extra data to support microdata to describe products
  • Categories holding a single product can now be set to display the product directly and so reducing the level search engines and shoppers have to navigate to
  • Product thumbnail can be selected from the product gallery
  • Allow entry of custom text against a product being placed into the cart
  • Added support for order PDF download from within the manager
  • Shipping methods can be set to only show if a specific product class is present in the cart
  • Support for fusionCSS 2, Bootstrap 3 and Foundation 5 CSS frameworks
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements

Blog, Gallery and other Modules

Among the improvements to the other modules the following changes are most notable:
  • Support for microdata where applicable
  • Reduction in the amount of inline JavaScript generated
  • Support for multiple CSS frameworks
  • Support of CloudFlare CDN

Head over to and update your installation or grab a copy of clearFusionCMS free and take it for a test drive.

If we have caught your interest and you want to explore clearFusionCMS or clearFusionSHOP then contact us and we'll set up a private demo installation for you.


By paul

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