Client Responsibilities

Just as we have responsibilities and obligations to fulfil for our clients, there are also responsibilities on behalf of the client.

  1. Website Admin - Keeping Contact Details Up-to-Date

    If you change any part of your contact details, you need to advise us ASAP. Account invoices can become undeliverable. You can miss out on domain renewals and ICANN domain name confirmations. You can also miss out on software/server/potential threats notices that we send out.

  2. Domain Renewals & Website Hosting - Pay your Bills within the Required Time

    As our billing system is automated we aren't aware that your account has been suspended until it has already happened. You can interfere with your search ranking results when it is taken off the air, or have your website hosting suspended, or lose your domain name.

  3. Design & Development Clients - Payment Arrangements

    Payment of invoices are either Pre-Paid, 7 Days, 14 Days or 30 Days. If you are unable to meet the pre-arranged payment terms, we ask that you contact us to organize alternate Payment Terms. After working long hours on a website we appreciate being paid. We also have running expenses of our own to pay. Bandwidth, software & power aren't free.

  4. Design & Development Clients - Time Frames

    Time Frames can not be kept if we are waiting on updates or instructions from the client. It does you nor us any favours if a website is completed, but not paid for. 6 weeks can turn into 8 weeks, can turn into 12 weeks+. Website changes have to be completed within 30 days, or we will send an invoice for work completed up to that date.

If you have any queries regarding the above points, please feel free to Contact Us!

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