Project Management

The World is full of web designers & web developers.  It's hard to know who is going to be the right fit for your website, or who is going to give you the best product.  You need to feel confident that what you want is translated to the designers, developers, SEO, marketers, in fact the whole team.  You have your hands full running your business, and your skills are most probably in a different area.  We work one-on-one with you, and we deal with all the others.  

Creating a Team

We've been in the industry since 1997, so we have grown with the industry.  We know when you are getting conned, we know when what is happening is legitimate.  We've been there & got the t-shirt, which gives us one step ahead in the game.  We're experienced in most web related fields, which gives us a head-up when communicating with the different professionals building your website.  

Web Mechanics

Website Mechanics

The mechanics of a website can be mind-blowing to someone not familiar with components of the web.  The design of a website can work against the development of a website, or against it's usability or accessibility.  It's our job to get all these disciplines working together.

So we start with a Product Plan. This we do with you. You tell us your expectations, intentions, and your budget. We then create a custom working plan, and hone it to your requirements. We then get started on the architecture...

Agile Management

Agile project management focuses on the continual improvement, team input, flexible scopes & the delivery of quality products.

Have your creative project managed so it remains dynamic & open to change.  We work with contractors to achieve maximum flexibility and minimal constraints. We build strong teams with effective planning and estimating.  

Agile Management

Project Completion

Final Production Phase

During this time we take care of those final tweaks that need doing.  We also look at how you want to optimise each page for search engines & social media.  If you've purchased training, we arrange workshops or webinars with your staff.  We validate your websites to industry standards, and ensure that it is working on various desktop operating systems and browsers.  We then test that it works on all mobile devices and TV's.

Performance & speed is checked.  Meta's are checked. Everything checked. Then it's over to you!

We contract independently to you to run your web team, for your website build - with no obligation to engage our other services.
Our priority is to make your website build as smooth as possible.

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