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What makes your website found over other websites? Content.  Content which is directed at what the user wants. Well structured and relevant content is prime search engine fodder! Which is what your website needs! Search engines are constantly crawling the web looking for new content. Our copy writer produces rich web content full of relevant keywords to describe your services or products. Keywords that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are being requested to find by users.

Engaging copy is the key to a successful website.  We recommend that clients consider engaging us to either review or write their website content. 


You have 7 seconds to make a good impression.  Yes, only 7 seconds! It doesn't sound like long does it?  It isn't.  Which is why you have to make sure that your content nails it from the beginning. In 7 seconds you have to convince a visitor that you are the best option.  Website copy needs to communicate with people, it also needs to communicate with search engines.  We'll help you achieve both.

Blog Content

Blogging is a simple growth strategy that is custom fit to your individual organsiation.  Your blog content should be unique to you, and how your products or services are relevant to what only you provide.  Blogs can distinguish you from the rest of the pack. Blogging is a cost-effective strategy  in today‚Äôs digital environment. A blog post is your chance to tell a story from your perspective and target your audience to discuss updates, issues, benefits & solve problems.

Social Media

An active social media presence is definitely vital in today's world.  There is a continuing increase in people searching for businesses and engaging with brands on social media.  From a SEO perspective, search engines place a significant value on social media profiles.   The trick is creating quality content that will attract, inform, engage and then convert. A dynamic social media presence is essential for your business.  Your audience is active on social media night & day, and so are your competitors.

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