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Create Your Own Social Media Campaign

26 Jul 2014

For those new to social media and looking for an easy way to get started, here is a beginner's guide to creating your social media marketing plan.

Beginners Guide to Facebook Ads

18 Jul 2014

Once upon a time you would build a good Facebook page for your business, attracted lots of fans, and you would have created another platform to interact to potential and …

Social Media Visual Branding

27 Jun 2014

Stop your brand being lost in the clutter of social network pages, with continuity of branding, images, colour and context. We can help!

7 Mobile Social Marketing Tips

06 Jun 2014

Have you considered how mobile can benefit your business? 7 ways you can tweak your social media to appeal to mobile users.

LinkedIn: ‘How You Rank’

29 May 2014

LinkedIn introduces a new feature as part of Who’s Viewed Your Profile to help you see where you stack up relative to those in your network.

Using Google+ communities to grow your Business

28 May 2014

Google+ communities are groups that focus on a specific set of subjects.

2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

27 May 2014

How are your peers are using social media? Is blogging working better than Instagram? Or are podcasts more effective that Google Hangouts?

The ideal length for Posts,Titles & Tags

24 May 2014

Solid research exists to show the value of writing, tweeting, and posting at certain lengths.

Pinterest pushes Promoted Pins

22 May 2014

Pinterest pushes Promoted Pins experiment into the next phase with paid tests for brands. They look and feel like standard pins, except they’re clearly marked as ‘Promoted’.

New Google+ Stories "Memories made easier"

21 May 2014

Google is on a mission to make the photos and videos you backup more useful.

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