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fusionCSS V3.0.8 has been released

20 Jun 2017

fusionCSS 3.0.8 is here! It’s a long overdue release that addresses one bug fixes & few additions to this lightweight CSS framework.  We are closing the gap and getting more stable with each release.

fusionCSS V3.0.8 has been released, this update includes:- 

  • Demos now use jQuery 3 and all JavaScript is jQuery 3 compatible 
  • Improvements to tab display handling
  • Improvements to visibility options
  • Refine floating labels on textarea to prevent the text within the textarea flowing up over the label
  • Improvement to flex video wrapper
  • Improvements to Floating Action Menus. FAMs can now be shown in an always open state

Download Latest Version of fusionCSS

Download the latest release as a ZIP file directly from GitHub

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