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Optimising Blog images to maximize impact on Social Media and Search

Optimising Blog images to maximize impact on Social Media and Search

20 Jan 2015

As you may have noticed the web has become a lot more visual.  This is a culmination of better resolution of screens, faster internet, the quantity of website you are competing against, reduced attention spans and more.  Think about it.....A photo of a nice juicy orange will attract more readers than a sign that says 'Oranges for Sale'.

When we share stories & blogs on social media, we need to be visual.  We want people to be attracted to article.  So we're after an eye catching image to lure readers.  But we also don't want an image that is too big, that will slow a page load speed down.

It's also important to have a eye catching link title & a short concise keyword obvious summary to go with it. For Google Images & other image only networks, you also need to have a good file name for your images.

However, we also hit an obstacle. Most of the social networks have different sized image placements.

Facebook Blog Post

So how do we find a happy medium to this mine field of what we can & can't do?   Find out more on how to optimize your Blog posts & articles......

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