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How Crowdfunding is booming in Britain

How Crowdfunding is booming in Britain

27 Dec 2014

Business & people have been crowdfunding for all kinds of things during 2014.  We were all pretty surprised that a potato salad salad raised so much money!  

"...let us begin and create in idea a State; and yet a true creator is necessity, which is the mother of our invention."  - The Republic, Book II, 369c, Plato 

I'm not sure that Plato was actually referring to Crowdfunding, yet it seems to be the case recently, plus some.  We have definitely reached a state where we can crowd source funding for all kinds of intentions, not just inventions.

So rather than sit back wishing you could get your business online, or how your competitors online stores are hurting your business, think about crowdsourcing your online venture.

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