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clearFusionSHOP - 2014 & What's New in 2015?

clearFusionSHOP - 2014 & What's New in 2015?

31 Dec 2014

Our clearFusionSHOP this year has tackled complex eCommerce solutions and preferred navigation shops. It's handled postage specific carts, and region specific tax codes. So far there hasn't been a eCommerce request that it hasn't been able to handle. Like clearFusionCMS, the clearFusionSHOP has been displaying the benefits of its modular system by performing to client expectations.

The clearFusionSHOP makes use of the new tabbed interface and faster performance of clearFusionCMS and alsothe following improvements:

  • Adds support for discount rules, e.g. 10% discount to current account holders or buy 1 get 1 free
  • Optional PDF invoice generation
  • More control over shipping methods, e.g. shipping method is only available to trade customers and not retail customers
  • Ability to use chunks within status update emails
  • The store owner can now place an order as a specific user, i.e. take a phone order and place it for the customer
  • Search for orders by customer name
  • Support for add-on products which can be added to the cart by simply checking a box
  • Added ability to show previously ordered items
  • Various other improvements and fixes for all known bugs

Due for release in 2015:

  • Add ability to duplicate product attributes
  • Allow one click creation of all possible variants for a product
  • Allow attribute values to be disabled, when disabled force products to out of stock
  • Allow wild cards to be used in SKU selection for coupons and discount rules
  • Add additional payment in progress state and use it for PayPal returns
  • Allow order PDF download from the manager
  • Ability to accept a custom message with product orders
  • Microdata to improve data feed to search engines
  • Can set a custom template for each category
  • Post code should not be auto filled out from the store address during checkout
  • Searching orders for both 1st name and last name causes no results to be found
  • If coupon code entered then accept it on Apply or Update cart
  • Coupon codes are not limited to sku when using fixed amount
  • Discount rules are not limited to sku when using fixed amount
  • Fix missing tax/ship rate for product class crashes site
  • Allow wild cards to be used in SKU selection for coupons and discount rules
  • Expand cart rule to make rule only function if a SKU is in the cart
  • Add restrictions to shipping methods
  • Include first and last name in the order emails
  • Allow entry of a Purchase Order with the billing address

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