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Google Search gets More Mobile Friendly

Google Search gets More Mobile Friendly

05 Jun 2014

Don't you hate it when you visit a link to a site on your mobile device and it redirects you to a mobile home page? Well, Google is stepping in and doing something to help searchers and webmasters avoid these faulty redirects by notifying search users about it. We think this is great!  It's annoying when you struggle with websites that aren't mobile friendly, but it's more annoying when you have terrible mobile web coverage & a site owner sends you on a redirect, to cause you further frustrations with lengthy wait times. 

Google’s search results will now warn you when a webpage is not optimized adequately for mobile devices.  Google are reinforcing the need for webmasters and website owners to take the mobile web seriously, by having properly setup mobile websites, while at the same time making responsive website design even more appealing.  Google will now direct smartphone users to the page they actually wanted.

Not sure if your website falls into this category?  Google is providing advice and resources to help you direct your audience to the pages they want, including mobile emulation, and notifications that your website is failing.

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