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Buying the right Domain Name

Buying the right Domain Name

02 Jun 2014

Buying a domain name for your website can range from being easy to outright difficult.  So many domain name have been taken now, especially the popular .com ones.  However, recently & more in the future to be released, are new domain extensions that will make domain name buying easier, for a while at least!

So how do you chose your domain name? There are a few factors that come into play, from being easy to understand, to being search engine friendly and to being mobile device friendly.  One of the important factors is, easy to remember & spell.

But that only covers some of the things to consider when buying a fresh domain from a registrar. What if the domain you want has already been taken, but is available for a price. Then instead of departing with a moderate fee, you can climb into the thousands of pounds/dollars to get the domain you want. But still there are areas to watch out for...

  • Shorter is Better
  • Keep it Simple
  • Look at resale value.
  • Don't infringe on existing businesses
  • Be ready to negotiate the price. Do your homework

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