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Software needs to remain updated to protect it from net nasties. If you don't have a maintenance plan with us, you will need to keep updated on software updates.

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The web is constantly changing, and these changes can reflect on how your website performs and how successful it will be. Keep an eye out for issues that can affect your website's performance.

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So what is going on at clearFusion? What websites have we built lately? What projects have we been involved in? Find out what activities we have been invoved in lately.

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Digital News

Keep up with all the news from the team at clearFusion Digital. See all the latest and greatest web projects we've been working on, and keep up-to-date on software updates.

The evolution of viral advertising

25 Apr 2014

A look back at some of the iconic moments in brand love that paved the way for our current landscape of always-on, high engagement Digital Marketing.

Meet ThinkUp: Your personal social media guru

24 Apr 2014

Would you like a dashboard to overview your social media performance on a daily basis? If you're a heavy Twitter or Facebook user, you know just how many social media …

Understanding Klout as a brokerage business

23 Apr 2014

After Klout's recent acquisition by Lithium Technologies, we're looking at ways to understanding Klout's mysterious business model. Klout has apparently scored 500 million profiles and handles 50 billion API calls …

Collaborative Online Writing

17 Apr 2014

We all know that content is important, but if you're going it alone how do you do it?

Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research

31 Mar 2014

Not sure if you are writing too much or too little on your posts & updates? Find out the best lengths.

The best Social Media platforms for your Business

05 Mar 2014

Find out what social media platforms will best benefit your business and how to use them well

Can you sell Websites? Then come sell ours!

03 Feb 2014

We are after someone who can educate businesses on why they need to have websites that are compatible with mobile devices, and when you have educated them, sell us as …

Domains for Sale

25 Jan 2014

Over the years we have been collecting domains for strategic reasons, or those that took our fancy. Many of these have just been renewed in January! If you live in …

RELEASE: clearFusionCMS 1.4.0 & clearFusionSHOP 1.2.0

06 Jan 2014

clearFusionCMS 1.4.0 and clearFusionSHOP 1.2.0 have now been released and are available from our website.

Xmas Opening Hours

09 Dec 2013

We've taken so much time off this year with the move back to the UK from Australia, that we have decided we need to make up some time. So we're …

CTS migrates to clearFusionCMS & Responsive

26 Nov 2013

CTS has been a client of ours since 2007, and each time the web progresses, they have progressed too. Now they are in our clearFusionCMS & are very happy with …

We’re Relocating Studios

23 Oct 2013

For the past few years we have been located at our Aussie studio, but now we need to man our UK studio for a while. So we’ve packed away our …

16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

30 Jul 2013

Blogging can be a mixture between an art and a science. Here is some blogging advice for beginners or anyone! 16 bloggers share one important tip each for blogging beginners. …

KAPP Engineering makes its début in clearFusionCMS

23 Jul 2013

KAPP Engineering was referred to us from another designer as they were closing doors. Originally it began as a few fixes, but due to the clients requirements it was necessary …

Want quality? Want clearFusion CMS!

23 Jul 2013

clearFusionCMS is a content management system (CMS) built on top of our own PHP / MySQL framework, fusionLib, this gives a highly optimized solution.

Cygnus Instruments makes its début in clearFusionCMS

22 Jul 2013

Our colleagues at Sonet Digital referred Cygnus Instruments to us to fit our clearFusionCMS to it. This was when our CMS got the SEO seal of approval. It had to …

Who was TOLRA and Attitude?

22 Jul 2013

So this company and business have merged. Who are they? How will it affect how you do business with us? Where did we come from? What kind of reputation does …

New Merger, New Skills and New Services!

19 Jul 2013

Attitude e-media & TOLRA Micro Systems Ltd have merged, in more ways than one!

clearFusionCMS Supported Payment Gateways

11 Jul 2013

Are we missing your favorite? Let us know we can usually add it free of charge.

clearFusionCMS & Zendesk

27 Jun 2013

Are you using clearFusionCMS for your website and Zendesk as your help desk? Then enable single sign-on in zendesk and have clearFusionCMS authenticate your members



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