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Traffic or Audience? Which matters most?

30 May 2014

Content marketing develops loyal audiences by creating deeper, more sustained relationships with consumers.

LinkedIn: ‘How You Rank’

29 May 2014

LinkedIn introduces a new feature as part of Who’s Viewed Your Profile to help you see where you stack up relative to those in your network.

Using Google+ communities to grow your Business

28 May 2014

Google+ communities are groups that focus on a specific set of subjects.

2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

27 May 2014

How are your peers are using social media? Is blogging working better than Instagram? Or are podcasts more effective that Google Hangouts?

Google+ for Android revamped

26 May 2014

Google has updated its standalone Google+ app - lean & keen!

Build great Multi-Device Web Experiences

25 May 2014

Are terms like 'Responsive', 'Mobile-Friendly' & 'Multi-Device Web Development' used by web designers & developers still freaking you out or confusing you?

The ideal length for Posts,Titles & Tags

24 May 2014

Solid research exists to show the value of writing, tweeting, and posting at certain lengths.

How to bounce back from burning out

23 May 2014

The physiological symptoms of burnout are caused by our fight or flight response. This response can be triggered by common work stressors (like trying to meet deadlines or finish projects).

Pinterest pushes Promoted Pins

22 May 2014

Pinterest pushes Promoted Pins experiment into the next phase with paid tests for brands. They look and feel like standard pins, except they’re clearly marked as ‘Promoted’.

New Google+ Stories "Memories made easier"

21 May 2014

Google is on a mission to make the photos and videos you backup more useful.

New Google Update targets very spammy queries

21 May 2014

Google have released an algorithmic update which targets very spammy queries.

Chrome still most used across desktop and mobile

20 May 2014

Chrome continues to dominate in desktop and mobile usage, Firefox has dropped from second place to fourth, below both Safari and Internet Explorer.

Can your Website Navigate the Mobile Jungle?

19 May 2014

Over 1.2 billion people access the web from mobile devices and mobile traffic accounts for over 15% of all Internet use globally, with mobile searches making up 1/4 of all …

Zuckerberg is also a 'Slave to the Office Desk'

13 May 2014

If you're worth US$25 billion, responsible for creating the largest social network on the web, and earn $1 a year in annual salary, where do you spend your day?

Gmail's next overhaul could be radical!

12 May 2014

Screenshots leaked of the redesign show a simplified home screen that mirrors Google+ and Google Now and will be the biggest change since the service began in 2004.

The Future of Backlinks

06 May 2014

Google are showing a shift in importance towards content. Will backlinks lose their importance?

Bug fix for Microsoft XP, IE vulnerability

01 May 2014

Microsoft have decided to provide an update for all versions of Windows XP to fix the vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE).

12 ways to extend the life of every article you write

29 Apr 2014

Don't be bogged down by having to come up with new article topics all the time. Find out how to repurpose content

How to Retain Users with Good Design

27 Apr 2014

Everyone has different tastes in design, but the same fundamentals apply. Good design is more than decoration.

How to Sync Your E-Commerce Store with Your Offline Business

26 Apr 2014

Don't treat your online & your offline stores like separate entities. Learn how to sync them.



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