Making Your Website Grow

Web Training and Workshops

How to Build Your Website

Learn how to build pages onto your website, how to edit it, change images, how to embed & write basic HTML.


How to use the Editor, and basic formatting and HTML skills.


How to swap out images, and how to optimise and resize images.


Websites have to be planned. We'll show you how.

Maintaining Your Website

Learn how to keep your website optimised and running well.

Social Media Training

How to Promote Your Website

Learn what to do with your website once it is built, how search & social media work and how you can apply it.

Search Engines

Learn about search engines & why your site needs to be optimised.

Social Networks

Introduction to the main social networks & which works best for you.

Social Media

Learn how to use social media with your website.

Social Media Marketing

An introduction to SMM & SMO, including PPC.

We'll custom create your training curriculum to your business, personnel and ethos

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